Top 10 Shows on Netflix You Have to Watch This Fall/Winter

Top 10 Shows on Netflix You Have to Watch This Fall/Winter

Netflix, chill, and binge-watch some of the best shows running this cold season – now that’s one of the best ways to spend your free time and keep yourself entertained for the next few months. Here are some shows you need to get up to speed with as they are worth every penny, so make some popcorn and get comfortable!


  • Mary Anna Hilden

    Love, love, love House of Cards…

  • CRMathews

    Buffy the vampire slayer and Shameless US



  • Christie Bass

    love buffy

  • Mary Wieloch

    Sadly I don’t have Netflix. 🙁

  • Tiff McTaggart

    Loved The Crown

  • Arlene Fougere

    House Of Cards

  • Michelle Gordon

    I Zoombie

  • Anita


  • Kat


  • VetteD SiN


  • Timberwolf

    Saw three of the shows listed:
    Jessica Jones
    Stranger Things
    Can’t wait for new seasons of them!!

  • Leslie

    I zombie for sure

  • Amparo Cardenas

    Binge watched The Crown. Liked it.

  • Bill Morrow

    The Walking Dead

  • Jhae P

    Orange is the New Black!!

  • Nomi T

    Stranger Things

  • Vonda Otto

    Fuller House

  • Kathy Franks

    House of cards

  • Kellie

    Walking dead

  • ronald mcgee


  • Steven Bagwell

    Wentworth is the best show out there. Orange is the new black is ok but Wentworth is amazing

  • Lisa

    Orange is the new Black

  • El El

    I zombie

  • Me

    House of cards

  • Wendy

    House of Cards

  • Pat

    Walking dead

  • Meghan Gough

    Orange is the new black

  • Juliet Obiekwe

    Game of thrones

  • Shawna

    3%, stranger things, master of none

  • Don’t salt the ham

    Orphan black

  • Jay Merrick

    Strangerer things

  • Brent Schendel

    Huge Game of Thrones fanatic

  • Tania Timm


  • Laura C.

    3% is a good show

  • Will

    Every superhero show. OITNB.

  • Meliki Stinnette

    games of thrones love that to movie good

  • Tania Timm


  • Pooooooo

    Stranger things

  • Sarah Davis

    Stranger Things!! Can’t wait for season 2!

  • Celine

    Game of thrones is m’y favorite one if I had to choose one !

  • Mickey


  • Aleksa Sigurdsson


  • Tresa

    21 jump street

  • Shawnee Bridger

    Walking dead z nation Spartacus

  • Mikki

    Stranger Things

  • Sherri Lynn Dill-Adams

    Out of this list, its OITNB

  • Tracey Marie Salley

    I zombie

  • Crystal

    Stranger things excited for season 2

  • Chi

    Bates n orange is the new black also loving santa clara diet

  • Jennifer Louise Reed

    Orange is the new black all the way. Very invested in the characters

  • Pamela Rowe

    Loved it

  • Angie

    I zombie

  • Tracey Leone

    House of cards!!!

  • Lee Delley