Top 10 Female Lead Characters on TV

7. Liv Moore – iZombie (CW)

Liv Moore is not your regular next door neighboor but we all applauded her this year. Her zombie character, together with her struggles to keep her humanity and change the world for the better against all odds is a lesson we all should hold dear.



  1. My favorite female lead role from the list shown here is Jessica Jones in Marvel’s Jessica Jones. I see a lot of myself in her and that makes it very easy to identify with the character. Another strong female lead character would be Katherine from Vampire Diaries. Site has faced every obstacle imaginable and even some we couldn’t but she still pushes forward. Nothing keeps her down

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  3. I am absolutely hooked on Orphan Black…Tatiana Maslany is amazing at playing her character, in addition to the full cast of her ‘sisters’ throughout the show from different parts of the world. If you get the chance to watch it…I highly recommend losing yourself in this show ASAP 🙂

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