10 Current Bizarre TV Show Characters You Can’t Help but Love

Top 10 Current Bizarre TV Show Male Characters You Can’t Help but Love

Current TV shows are filled with bizarre, powerful, quirky, evil, and funny male characters that you probably wouldn’t be best friends with, but you certainly can’t help but love. They are definitely “different”, and they are definitely having an impact – usually in the wrong way. So let’s see top 10 TV series male character that are certain to spark some conflicting emotions in all our hearts.


  • Cortnei

    Sheldon Cooper

  • Mike McHale

    Robin Lord Taylor rules

  • John

    I wonder if a guy could not be sinister, cunning, evil, or stupid to make this list. What if an actor portrayed an squeaky clean, intelligent, highly moral role, and had unequalled acting skill? What list would need be created to acknowledge him?