Top 10 Celebrity Hairstyles for Long Hair

5. Nicole Scherzinger

Her braids, regardless of their length, are a nice and simple method to keep your long trendy even when you think it is impossible to find another style. Take her example and choose fishtail plait (meanwhile you can see how it is done by looking on the Internet) or create a more daring design, like she does many times when she goes on stage. Spritz your hair with a special spray to keep its volume and firmness and begin to braid back or to the side, starting from the front.

5. nicole scherzinger



  1. Hated that Beyonce was number one, when most of her hair that is styled is not her own. This really just catered to one hair type and length. I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing on my facebook page.

  2. The celeb hairstyle of Boho look and Beyonce’s look are the ones I like. I couldn’t puck just 1. LOL. The Boho look is for casual days and the Beyonce hairstyle is for those “Star Sparkle” days.

  3. honestly none of the hairstyles looked nice at all, most of the actresses looked like they just got outta bed….that’s how my hair ends up look g after cleaning the house, MESSY!!

  4. If you don’t receive your diamonds, the are instructions. Down at the bottom of the page where you find options to earn them you can tap on ‘missing diamonds.

  5. Mine is most like Jennifer’s, so that’s my favorite….but I prefer mine in a bun, versus a ponytail. Lately, though, I have been flirting with the thought of French braids. Since my daughter is a hairdresser, she’s going to be getting a request from mom, soon! 😉