Top 10 Best Beaches

2. Cancun, Mexico


Tapuaetai or One Foot Island is one of 22 islands in the Aitutaki atoll of the Cook Islands. It is located on the southeastern perimeter of Aitutaki Lagoon immediately to the southwest of the larger island of Tekopua, seven kilometres to the east of the main island of Aitutaki. Aitutaki’s lagoon is teeming with fish and to swim among them is like taking a dip in a tropical fish tank. The very lucky visitor might even catch a rare glimpse (as I did) of a turtle skimming through the waters. No surprise then that Aitutaki is listed in a number of books as one of the places everyone should see before they die. One Foot Island is one of the most picturesque locations in the entire world, with a world class beach and much more.   ss_070323_cancun_beach.grid-8x2



  1. I would love to visit all of them. They are so gorgeous with the aqua Waterville and white sand. I like the ones that aren’t so crowded more.

  2. Luis Peña beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico is the best beach I’ve ever visited. You must charter a small boat, as it is located on a smaller island. The trip was well worth it, as it was secluded and picturesque. Soft waves, coral to swim near. Pure bliss.

  3. The Cancun, Mexico beach info was the same as Cook Islands. I guess it didn’t load properly but it happened twice…I guess it knew I liked the look of the Cook Islands.

  4. My idea of a great “beach is one that has less gritty sand. My favorite beach is in Cornwall on the southern coast of England. The beach is gorgeous, but Rocky, not sandy.