The World’s Most Powerful Military Forces

You won’t believe how powerful some of these countries are and how much they spend on their military. Even the 20th most powerful military spends over $5 billion USD per year, with over 600,000 troops and an aircraft carrier.
Some countries such as North Korea and Italy are far more powerful than you might think.

This gallery will show the world’s 50 most powerful military forces in the world. We’ll be starting with the 50th most powerful military force and make our way up to number one. Start the slideshow below:

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    None of it suprises me, I was born and raised on Army bases. I later married a carrier Army man. So my entire life has revolved around the Army.

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    It’s weird to have a smile on my face at the difference in power between 1-50. I’m glad that we aren’t a force for evil. In terms of conquering places, I’m glad we’ve relatively done away with that style of warfare.

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    even even though they spend all that buy that stuff if the soldiers don’t know how to plan attack kill then all that is waste because 90% of it is how your soldiers trained physically mentally a weapon training

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    One of the things that surprised me was how highly ranked Italy was. The other thing that continually surprised me was that the amount of soldiers in comparison to the huge money spent was largely disparate

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    I would like to know how the Global Power index is calculated. I am an Army veteran and want to believe that our fighting forces are the strongest, but it is my understanding that the Chinese army is so massive it must be constantly kept in motion. Granted that is just one faction of how military strength of a country is measured, but it is a big scary one.

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    Well……..who would have thought India was up there with the top 5!! After seeing the poverty in so much of the country it just makes me so sad that governments want metal and ammo over the health and well-being of their citizens!!

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    I was surprised at the amount of money, $161,000,000,000+, that China spends on military.
    Also the picture for Manamar looks like it is all women soldiers. I’m not sure if I was right, but thinking I might be, that surprised me.
    Finally, one segmemt started out talking about one country ( I think Thailand) and in the middle changed to Australia.
    Excellent article!

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    all we shoul be worried about is ranking the most aggressive and violent

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