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The Top 10 Best TV Series of All Time

admin Oct 22, 2015
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The Top 10 Best TV Series of All Time

There are countless TV series worth watching right now, but with so many options available, how can you be sure that you are picking the right one? We have created a top 10 Best TV Series of all time, taking into account the preferences of IMDb users as well as our own.

7. Sherlock

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  • redhed311

    Whoever came up with this list should be ashamed of themselves.

    • catrat

      Why should they be ashamed of themselves. Lost and Firefly were great shows. The rest I didn’t get with my satellite subscription but know I wouldn’t of watched Soprano’s for sure. Don’t know about the rest.

    • HQ

      You may not agree with this list but your reply is downright idiotic. The person who made the list obviously wasn’t going by personal opinion considering most of these shows are factually correct in being some of the most watched and more beloved TV series. They missed a few, what with The Walking Dead being the most viewed series in history and Mr. Robot being given the second season green light before the pilot was even released and it’s outstanding reviews.


    well i dont like any of these show none are appealing to me i woudnt watch any of these shows lol

  • JoAnn

    Wow Really only one appealed to me all the rest lol Sorry not in my book.

  • Ally

    I was doing a lot of eyerolling at a rather basic list until I got to Avatar. Amazing cartoon with deep character stories and very entertaining. Other than that only other show worth a peek is Friends.

  • A

    I would rate these show differently. The TV show Friends should be in an other category and should be on this list instead add Fargo to the list.

  • Jerry

    Hated this show called Friends, so dumb

  • Upper Dave

    Good list, except Dexter at number 1. Firefly, Lost, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Sopranos, Avatar, and House of Cards are all works of art. So well done on that.

    The list is missing Fargo, Scrubs, X-Files, The Wire, True Detective, Boardwalk Empire, Louie, South Park, Star Trek, and Veronica Mars.

  • catrat

    Great show. Lots of twists and turns. Had to follow closely to catch everything which isn’t suited for a lot of people as the don’t know how to concentrate and figure things out. Too hard for their brain to handle.

  • catrat

    Another excellent show that was cancelled when it should not have been. There have been such excellent shows on, that were cancelled after the first season because its not entertainment for the masses anymore, it is greed for the almighty dollar. I have gotten so sick of worth while shows being cancelled because of this that I don’t have TV at all. Just watch Netflix. No commercials which is what I like best. Might not have all the past shows that I would like to see over but the no commercial factor more than makes up for it.

  • zoey

    I don’t any of these

  • Brad

    where is the Simpsons?

  • Cameron Shippy

    friends is a good series to start with!

  • Jenn ♡

    wheres south park o:

  • zonix

    LOVE this Show.

  • cskwjdh

    Kim Kardashian brought me here

  • steven

    woo, wonderful time

  • Friends used to be hot but they did too much couple swapping.

  • TA T

    I prefer the Lost and Firefly show ! Bur the throne looks very good !

  • wik

    where is Prison break?? in my opinion it would be top3

  • Pete

    This is so over.. There are plenty way better programmes then these.

  • Lisa Matthews

    wouldnt of dreamed that the last airbender would be amongst the top ten however….great veiwing of the top ten…

  • Lol, y’all complaining don’t realise how fucking amazing all these shows are — and how they, to this day, still have huge fanbases.

  • Tina Kiki Kays

    I loved the Avatar: The last airbender I used to watch it my son he was 8 that time and I bought him a toy glider that used to make swishing sounds like you are flying. It was the best show and we watched al the episodes

  • Ŧคเภtเภﻮ ๏ภ tђє tคг๓คς

    whoever doesn’t like that Sherlock is on this list is utterly heartless

  • 21guns


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