Ten things that you didn’t know about Donald Trump

Ten things that you didn’t know about Donald Trump

Donald Trump may be many things, a business man, a TV personality, and the republican candidate for president. But there are some things about him that we bet you didn’t know. From his not so humble beginnings in New York Donald has had an interesting life. Here are ten things that we bet you didn’t know about him:


  • Kat

    I did not no that

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  • Paula


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  • Deloras Harris

    Very interesting

  • Bobbe Smith-McKinney

    lol knew a lot of these before reading today

  • Angel R

    Donald Trump is what we need to fix this Country!!!!

  • Glo Crouch


  • Port Jane


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  • mike

    just more useless mis-info by the libtards

  • Chantel


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  • James Montgomery

    eye opener


    not amazed at all, but they must repost that he rape and beat his wife, use illegals to build his buildings and pay little and as well his mother and himself are immigrants!!!useles personn

  • Keith

    Such a joke. Terrible person. Terrible President. Terrible business man. An all around woman-bashing, ‘pussy-grabbing’ joke. And yet, people have elected him to our highest office thinking he gives a damn about them. Too Funny!

    • horseradish

      President Trump is great–obama was/is the disgusting terrible president-who didn’t give a damn about anyone

      • shehim kali

        Me being a 12 year old girl, I’ll just say to all of you adults that you are sick. Is Obama bad to you because he is black? Racism is ridiculous. Why does the color of your skin determine who you are as a person? Why can’t we all get along? We are all human and that’s what matters. How do you think younger children like me feel seeing the KKK and people being hung. How do you think WE feel? I just wish we could be at peace and people could get along. It makes me feel like crying to know I live in a world such as this. Should I try to make a change or just give up? Ask yourself: Why am I doing this? (︶︹︺)

        • Georgene Paskey

          Well not all people are racists honey. There are people that just want to be in their own world an show that they don’t care how other people feel..It shouldn’t matter the color of the skin, we all came from one God and he is the only one that has the right to judge.. Please remember that there is a cruel world out there and people are going to be mean no matter how hard you try to be nice. But just smile and nod your head and don’t let them bother you or get under your skin like that cause that is what they really want to do. Getting upset just gives them that much more power cause they know they can hurt you and killing them with kindness will make it harder for them in the long run cause it will show that you are the bigger person than what they are.

  • dk


  • horseradish

    heel spurs are nothing to laugh about. President Trump did everything right it sounds. Especially keeping the rif raff out of his properties-good for him. Now keep the riff raff out of the USA

  • Georgene Paskey

    how rude to go up against the Pope and make accusations like that.

  • Georgene Paskey

    that is not right to go up against a religious man and make accusations like that.. that is disrespectful and shows that a real Christian would not do that but a false one would

  • Pain


  • Andro Angelus

    why I don’t get the points