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How to Spend $1 Billion in a Week

Pay off Student Debt


If you have college aged children, pay their tuition in full. There’s no limit here. Unless of course your student loans are greater than a billion dollars.

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    I would do most of the things on the list. I would first donate money to my favorite charities then, buy some properties and turn them into places where the homeless can have shelter all year round. Then I would do what I do best, treat my friends to whatever they want. Because with one billion dollars the sky is literally the limit.

    • Peaches

      For some reason I can comment. So I’m replying. I would do the same Alex with providing a better alternative for the homeless. But mainly with transportation. Providing transportation for re-entry felons so that they can have a better chance of leading successfully lives after incarceration. 2) I would buy/build a Railroad line in order to provide Transit System going into Gary, Griffith, Indiana to Chicago, IL.

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    charity…the up close and personal kind…not necessarily through organizations some of which are more a business that at the least employs thousands of people and are a means of employment more than a charity in that, for example, you donate $1 to little Nariah of warlord xland or w/e “3rd world” country… but Nariah and her village(who along with her vollage might have literally been able to eat for a week to a month had that ENTIRE dollar went to her/their). And contrary to what the marketing of charity x had/has you believe. She and her village recieve less than50 to 30% of or worse….
    so Blah blah to the Yada Yada…visits to the local high schools of poor neighborhoods to ask the principal *and guidance councilors(after donating to their school to outfit them with what they may lack in comparison to schools in districts with(the…) “lower taxes brackets”(- excuse). And ask about not only students who excel in their studies but have no means of financial support from family or no family at all. but also students who have been recognized at some point for being gifted in some field of study(which happens way more frequently than anyone cares to do enough about) and sometimes or often are mature in their understanding that the world isn’t all sugar, sunshine, rainbows and fair and equal means for all without reservation. But have given up trying for one reason or another on 1, some, many, or all subjects and or dropped out to settle for a mop, to flip burgers(mind you even these are less options for disenchanted, disenfranchised, dissolutioned drop outs or students that see a future that does not take advantage of their gifts, potential(s), and the contributions that society would only benefit from had that society invested true equal opportunities, equal access to all things from food equality to education access…blah blah blah…and in the spirit of Oprah’s once or few times a year once upon the show by her name just (not so)randomly picked out audience members and have them cars, homes…etc.

    So has this littletter social experiment of yours been a success or you really going to up a billion and see who follows through and or falls into ruin…blah blah blah

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    I would spend a billion dollars in one week by paying off all my debt, buy me and both my children a new home and new cars, donate to st Jude’s, Shriners and American Heart as well as American Cancer Association.

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    Give money to my family, close friends, and anyone who is ill.
    Give money to build churches, homeless shelters, battered women shelters, foster shelters and mental and drug treatment centers.
    Give money to patients that have cancer.
    Give money to college kids.
    Give money to my sweet mommy and dad.
    Give money to save animals and preserve our waters.

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    I would spend every last penny. First I would pay off my mortgage then student loans, pay off all credit card debts. Invest in the stock market buying the most expensive options, then buy gold, silver, precious metals, crypto currencies, several vacation homes but buying takes up too much time with title searching for the escrows, so donating to some of my favorite charities that I have never donated to because I didn’t have the cash to give. Then I would help out shelters and soup kitchens help feed the poor. I would donate to my church since we are trying to find property to build a church, but we still need several hundred thousands of dollars to even think of buying. I would buy all the equipment and furniture needed for the building fixtures everything and audio equipment for our choir and new band wagon for our stuff so we can take it to our retreats. I don’t see a problem trying to spend a billion bucks.

  • Kim Wilder

    I would definitely invest in lost of property. I would also donate to different charities, give some to family and good friends and pay off my grandchildren college expenses.

  • NatalieC

    Spending a billion dollars in a week is a great challenge. I would definitely pay off all my credit cards, followed by my student loans, pay to upgrade my home while paying off my mortgage. I would even buy a second home that is smaller and one level for my older years that would allow me to stay with prepaid assisted living while my other home is owned and managed by tot of daughters to provide income for me and then my children after I’m gone. I would invest in real estate. I’d buy a property last enough to start a life skills/rehab for ex- offenders…also another property to provide a safe, positive, educational, and nurturing environment for children 0-18, 24/7 while patents work… To would have age appropriate settings, nursing, tutors, counselors, gym, beds, kitchen, life skills…. These two things are a win-win for who it serves, those that provide the service, the parents, and the community. I would also donate money to the community fire department that would set up a money investment to support the company’s ability to maintain their equipment and personnel. And if there was still money left, I would continue to build programs that helps the community reduce the opioid epidemic…addictive behaviors with programs that creates restructure for the addict in a more human and non-chemical approach. I do my best to pay it forward to my brother who gave up his job to help my mother with dementia.

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  • NatalieC

    I would definitely pay off all my debt as well as change my spending habits and create a better budget to remain debt-free. I would then look to buy stocks, buy real estate, and life insurance. I would then donate to some charities as well as starting a a non-profit organization.

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    I have to do this with more than half the offers I complete. Just don’t send them too many emails in one day or you’ll automatically get marked as scamming them and they will reject everything tlu send.

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    Usually in these scenarios you aren’t allowed to give away money as in donating to charities, however, you can donate by also paying off the bills of loved ones and friends. That’s what I would do and I guarantee it would put a good dent in that billion dollars,! My husband, now deceased, used to say that I could spend money faster than he could make it. Ashamed to say, “I think he was right.” .In saying that, with all I want to do to upgrade my own living space and then also doing it for those I love, I’d probably be looking for a loan! LOL . If not, there are always those less fortunate that are all around us. I would spend the rest of the money investing locally in a way to improve their lives.

  • Cheryl Ann Fortin

    To receive your reward, i.e. diamonds, cash, etc.; take a screenshot when you reach the end of the article (this page). You can usually get a screenshot by pressing the power button and volume button simultaneously. It will show the screenshot on your screen. You have to wait at least 24 hours after reading this. If you haven’t gotten your reward by then, go to the free offers then click the three lines at the top left. Click on reward status, then not rewarded. Click on the item you haven’t received your reward for. It will have a a red bar at the bottom where you can contact Tapjoy. Click that and create the email telling them that you haven’t received your reward. You will almost immediately receive an email in your inbox from them. Reply back and attach the screenshot which is usually in your gallery. You should receive your reward within a day. I’ve had lots of experience with this and lots of success. Hope you do too!

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