Will Donald Trump Be a Good President?

Like him or hate him, he’s our next president. But do you think he will be a good one?

Will Donald Trump Be a Good President? Vote below.

Will Donald Trump Be a Good President?

Do you approve of Donald Trump as President

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  1. Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobe, and offensive to everyone who isn’t exactly like him. One of these days that’s gonna get him in big trouble and the whole country will have to pay for it too, literally and figuratively. Hitler: “Make Germany great again! ” Trump: “Make America great again! ” Hmmm, makes you think of other things Hitler and Trump have in common.

    • Are you Jewish? If not, get out of here. Hitler killed Millions. If Trump kills anyone, it’s for the best. I agree with you, he isn’t the brightest, however, if Hillary was president then there would be Several Million more deaths. Ever heard of Abortion? You homophobic Retard. Go learn history, before you make us repeat it.

  2. The man is a fucking joke. He’s a bigoted, hateful asshole, and the only reason he got elected, besides rigging the election with the help of the Russian government, is by preying upon the fears of ignorant white Americans. The presidency is nothing more than a joke to him– he will never take it seriously.

  3. The man will do fine. Just chill. In 2008 the cry was “just give him a chance.”
    Well, whats good for the goose,… is good for the gander.
    Let the man steer the ship. He was voted in by a process that has been used over 240 years. I say go for it. Hell we are already in debt pass our eyeballs..lets see if the business man can get the American engine running again.

  4. I have a little bit more faith in him than I did during the election but I just don’t feel like he has the tact or knowledge to make a really good president. He speaks to some people because he’s not a politician but I think that is also his downfall.

  5. Two things will come out of him being president he will become a better man or he will get more disrespectful especially towards politics but I do think economically he will be good for us just give the man a chance he is not even in the White House yet. Everyone is waiting for him to f–k up that is wrong just let him be actions speak louder than words.

  6. He does not represent the interests of more than half of the population and he got the vote of most of the other half by making promises he will never be able to keep.

  7. I believe if you are going to run for President you should at least have previously held an elected office on some level. If not, how are you a politician? Trump is sexist, racist, anti-average Joe, to name but a few of his many anti’s. He has NO filter for the things he says. I believe Trump will get us into a nuclear war with his tactless rantings. I believe under the Trump Dictatorship, the rich will get richer while the poor quickly become much poorer. Stop me now. I could go on all night. God help us all.

  8. He may help in the sense of economy. But that also is iffy. No country except maybe Russia would trust him. So foreign affairs shot. When you havent any morales that does not change. He just hid or paid to hide his demons a little better the last 8 or 10 years since he decided to run for president.

  9. He isnt even inaugerated yet and he is making sure many jobs will remain in the U.S.A. Thousands of families are affected by it… He is also going to help our inner cities. He will bring our country together. The division and racism had to end. He is not your everday politician. He actually cares about our future. People have confidence in him. He built his empire because of his determination.

  10. Trump is a wealthy man….good businessman, except where he had to bail himself out, by 25million, on the Trump University deal.
    So, do I think he’ll make a good President…..No. He’s tried to prove that he’s not a racist, but all of the misc interviews that have come out of his skeleton closet, prove differently. And, it’s not just that….I firmly believe he’s in it for the Power, and Not for the American citizens!!
    We really didn’t have much to choose from, this past election….so, we Pray!

  11. Trump is truly far too extreme and does not reflect the majority of the people in the U.S. He is also the biggest liar to ever run for office and unfortunately fooled everyone with an I.Q. below 75.

    • Makes you wonder… If he won… That must be a lot of people. Maybe it’s because of you retards with below “75” I.Q. that we are freaking 20+ trillion in debt. Lmbo, it’s really entertaining talking to you idiots.

  12. You guys who hate Donald J Trump because he is “racist”, or stupid, sexist, really anything negative about him. I say to you, go learn facts. And for you people who aren’t even involved with politics, then just leave. You honestly have no clue what you are talking about. Oh, and by the way, the wall has been confirmed to be built. 🙂 Keep those illegal immigrants out, as well as the kids who believe they are entitled to every thing. Ha, up with the wall, and down with the Retard Nation. 😛 Sucks for you Hillary lovers!

  13. Are you really that stupid. I’m serious, I really want to know. He grabs em by the P****??? What the hell? Are you 12? Kid get out of here, you can’t even vote yet. Thank god.

  14. Omg!!!! Are you that stupid?????? He said he will be ridding of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!!! I can’t believe we have retards as yourself in this WORLD. God help us.

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