Another Dead Whale Is Serious Reminder Of Our Massive Plastic Problem

The above image is an art installation created by Greenpeace Philippines in May 2017 to raise awareness to the problem. See below for an image of the whale this story is about.

A sperm whale was discovered washed ashore lifeless after swallowing 64 pounds of plastic debris. The male sperm whale was found on the Murcian coast in southern Spain in late February, reminding us how critical plastic waste within the oceans has turn into.

After investigating, the El Valle Wildlife Rescue Center decided that the sperm whale was killed by gastric shock to its abdomen and intestines after ingesting 64 pounds of plastic. The post-mortem discovered plastic bags, nets, ropes, plastic sacks, and even a plastic jerrycan within the whale’s abdomen and intestines.

  • Tierra Reginay Toney

    Oh wow that’s messed up

  • David Shaw

    Save the whales and quit littering

  • Ryan Brassard

    Plastic sucks

  • Elizabeth Phillips

    its not actually a whale, it seems. It appears to be a controversial sculpture made entirely of trash to represent the plastic infecting and killing our oceans.

    • Satori Cmaylo

      and your source is?

  • Menda Lechiara

    If people didn’t litter we wouldn’t have this problem.

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    This Is Sad But as U Can See Its Made Put Of The Party Papers And A Blue Painted Button For The Eyes

  • Angie Cottrell

    I think that this is a very sad and unfortunate thing .

  • The Savage Wolf

    Just wow

  • Dawn James

    That’s sad they do need to clean the ocean and not throw plastic in the water mammals and animals lives are important to just as human lives

  • Kayla M Martinez

    Don’t be lazy and take milla second of your time to keep it as clean as everyone can .

  • Christopher Anderson

    We also don’t have to throw out every plastic bag we get, you can reuse a plastic bag for carrying stuff in it many, many times.

  • Sheila

    Really interesting article.

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    This is sad and all but are we just not going to talk about how many FUCKING ads there are? Also, screw you and your slideshow format, I hate it and you just want to make more money.

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    That’s really sad!! People get a grip.Quit littering.

  • Jesus Aleman Aguirre

    Had to read this for RacingRivals Gems lol

  • Basic

    THATS ridiculous can’t imagine to its like swim in the filthy water and then they’re slowing dying

  • Joshua

    That’s heartbreaking and crazy how the whale had so much plastic inside of him

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    • Dustin Robbins

      Very sad, you would think he just ate them because they looked different. Not cool, I never litter. My console is my mobile garbage can. Be wise ya’ll, respect our planet.

  • Eva

    this is terrible 🙁

  • Booboo

    That is terrible

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  • Shadow Duncan

    It’s crazy how people will read this and think “That’s so sad” and “That’s terrible” but then up throwing something small like a candy wrapper out of the window without thinking twice while going down the road because of a habit. People say we need to change but then wait on someone else to make the first move. If we all wait for someone else to change the world, we’ll never get anything done and the world will get even more polluted than it is now. Pick up your trash even if it don’t belong to you. We’ll never be able to make a difference if only a few people pick up one or two pieces of garbage. We all need to work together.

    • Kwistine

      You’re right

    • Conrad Majszak

      If we see garbage along side the road we dont typically pick it up. Its gross and we dont know where it’s been. But imagine if everyone would make a goal of picking up 5 just 5 pieces of garbage a day and throw it in the trash. Over 300 million people in USA do the math. But we see these as holes who will just throw garbage out of there car. I will scream at people who do that. I figure if you embarrass them they won’t do it again. So there we go. See people tossing garbage out of there car make it a very loud point to let everyone know there disgusting pigs it will hopefully make them think again before doing that. Then we all pick up 5 or more pieces of trash a day well were on the way to helping. Let’s do something to make america first in that we can be proud of instead of best weapons to kill people or the last country the company Johnson and Johnson the people who make baby soap or shampoo. They put formaldehyde in there products. It causes cancer and all kinds of life destroying crap. For innocent babysitters. They held off taking it out of there product so they can keep making hundreds of millions. This world has some serious problems if they will go to that level to make money. Anyway sorry about the long message.

      • Larry May

        Your response is what is needed but unfortunately these days screaming at someone driving down the road or anywhere else could end up with you being shot by some deranged Pycho. Some freeways you take your life in your own hands just by accidentally going to slow or for just driving under a bridge at the wrong time. I would rather take down a liscence plate than risk getting killed over a piece of gum wrapper and isn’t that a sad state our country has turned into.

      • Nancy Tolin

        There is nothing to be sorry about.

    • Norma Vélez

      I agree with you. I’m working with you.

    • Wendy

      Absolutely! I do just that! ..it doesn’t matter where I am, if I see trash (it is just ugly) I start picking it up. I don’t know who put it there or however the wind/storm blew it there, if I don’t like it I’m in a country that allows me the freedom to pick it up. Everyone is also capable of doing this same thing. The colorful plastics laying all over look junky and make a beautiful scenery into something so ugly you’d turn your head away. My husband & I often have disagreements on this exact issue…for ex. I have just filled a trash bag with junk I’ve cleaned that belongs to someone else, yet on the way home HE THROWS A STYROFOAM CUP OUT THE WINDOW! Talk about disrespectful! Not only to me but everybody’s kids, even yours, all generations behind us. These kids nowadays too busy playing digital brain rot 2 notice anything. We have to b examples to lead them on the right path. Don’t make it a chore cleaning earth, make it a positive memory and it will last. Plz help me y’all

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    Very interesting story

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    The poor thing…

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    Very good material is ver y important know about this problem

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    Wow…We should really think before any action this is sad and maybe we need to get out of this bad habit of throwing garbage around.

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  • Janeen Johnson

    We, as humans, are supposed to be intelligent and should be caring for all living things. WAKE UP PEOPLE! I try very hard to keep the people close to me responsible. We have to stop being a throw-away society.

    • Valerie Morton


      • Preachergal

        Nothing will change unless the heart of man changes!



    • Kari Watts

      Key words being “supposed to”. Tragic .

    • Kwistine

      SO true!!!

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      You are absolutely right!

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    • Nads La Tannante

      Non kidding

    • Filbrandt Toni

      Agree totally, plastics should not be used unless recyclable

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        Yes agreed

    • Ohio Mom

      So agree with everything you said.

    • Patterly

      So true!

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    • M fegali

      That article is heartbreaking… the US is still behind when it comes to environmental issues and ecology

    • AmandaR

      yes. Very true!

    • Antonina Navarra

      I agree 100%. That’s why people should start recycling instead of dumping in public. Would you live like this at home? No you’d tidy up after yourself!

  • Satori Cmaylo

    i will only use pet bags which can be recycled otherwise i will take my own heavy bag to grocery stores from now on

    • Kayz

      Me too

  • Ashton Salkeld

    Just sad

  • Sarah ella

    Wow.. We are failing our jobs that God gave us.

  • Melissa

    This is so sad. It’s not hard to throw garbage in a garbage can. People can be so careless.

  • Kelli

    I’m saddened to see that California is the only state in the US that has banned plastic bags. I try and use recyclable every time I visit the grocery store. I think this is a bigger issue that needs more attention

    • msmojo

      plastic bags are not banned in California. They’ve gotten rid of the thin old fashioned grocery store type bags that they used to give you for free and now if you want a bag you have to pay $0.10 but it’s still a plastic bag, and much thicker than the old ones. I don’t see a huge conscious effort on a majority of Shoppers to bring their own I don’t see a huge conscious effort on a majority of Shoppers to bring their own bags. They just buy new ones every time . I believe the thicker plastic bags are just a way to make more money off of shoppers, but keep in mind they are still plastic and they are more heavy-duty so aren’t they going to take even longer than the typical 10,000 years to decompose? Aren’t we making this problem worse? But hey it’s $0.10 a bag to the store so why not

    • Warmfuzzy

      I was shocked to see this as well.

  • Anne Lacourse

    we should look at our planet but the big money man don’t care

  • Kim Mccafferty

    And I thought all that plastic has been being recycled! Which company lied, got paid, and then dumped?

  • Maurice

    I think it’s a shame but at the same time it’s human nature to destroy the lesser species sad but True!

  • Clay Cammack

    Poor journalism. You’re using a picture that is not a sperm whale as your main picture. It’s a false picture that can lead people to believe the article is false. For those who don’t know, sperm whales are toothed whales not baleen whales.

  • L

    Poor whale rip

  • Angie Lancaster

    That’s a wonderful story and I’m glad countries are doing something about it. Now if only the U.S. would. Maybe we could get together and make plastic anything recyclables for money,people would do it and not trash our lands and rivers or oceans. Please help us to do what’s right and smart.

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  • Lola Parton

    This is disgusting and disheartening! Why is trash being thrown into the ocean to begin with?

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  • Kris Wilkow

    People need to start being smarter and safer and think about the world gor future generations

  • Kevin Berry

    What a terrible species we have become.

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  • CTGolfer

    What a shame

  • Ashton Sullivan

    Wow. Plastic crap in the ocean is REALLY starting to make every animal in the ocean and almost EVERYWHERE die.

  • Ed
  • Hakuna Matata

    Blame humans ok. But from what I remember the government pushed plastics as a better thing. Buy water in plastic bottles it is easy to recycle yada yada yada. I mean the government does allow for soda to put in multiple sizes of plastic bottles . Toys have more plastic ties in Them than needed. The list goes on and on.

  • Fran Brown

    Please recycle

  • Tristan


  • Tristan

    Harsher consequences for these ignorant acts

  • Dawn James


  • Michael Hildebrand

    Just throw your junk in the right place the garbage.

  • Marv On

    This pic is fake?

  • Ericah Brunner

    Thank you for bringing this to light.

  • Biscuit

    It’s ships dumping there garbage out to sea. It’s not the everyday person causing this mess.

  • El K-Ro

    poor whales 🙁

  • Sonia

    We should ban plastic altogether, we do not need plastic, companies simply use it because it is cheap however we as consumers need to turn away from profiting corporations who do not care about the well being of the environment.

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  • Elizabeth Lizzie SmithMoore

    The change starts with us as a whole so let’s do it.

  • Big Dog

    We need to keep our Country clean

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  • Whitney Smith

    Free stars!

  • Vicki L Howey

    People need to pay more attention to the things they do. Couldn’t even imagine how long this poor creature was suffering for.

  • Rex Curry

    More plastic than fish in ocean by 2050. This is shameful

  • Cece Phillips

    It’s sickening

  • Ellen Little

    So sad people have not awakened!

  • holly

    I don’t drink bottled water I drink tap for this very reason plus the fact it is proven bottled water isn’t all its cracked up to be ..people need to to notice

  • Stephanies Cottage Cottage

    Wow that’s awful

  • Barb

    I understand and am appalled by the waste dumped into the earths waters (oceans, lakes, ponds, etc.) daily and hope somehow it can be resolved quickly before there is continuous loss of aquatic life. That being said… has anyone noticed that this is not a sperm whale? It has baleen, such as in a blue whale. It’s a poor betrayal but gets the point across.

  • Bin Go

    Sad! We just need to keep working on responsibility, of ourselves & our kids! It’ll never change if we all don’t work together!!

  • Melody Sanderson

    I think that man needs to clean up the mess it has made of the seas,land and the air.
    We were given a beautiful planet and progress or technology have ruined this world with garbage. It was better when u didn’t have all this technology. We have destroyed our planet and need to clean up our planet it is not to late. Before we lose another speciousto our stupidity and technology.

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  • Nh


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  • mike

    This is fake lol. Art project

  • Stephen Wright

    I hope to hell I get my fucking gold this motherfucker promised me

  • Andrea

    This is heartbreaking

  • Pat Larimore

    The only words for this: sad and pathetic.

  • Jan Smith

    I’ve been reading that plastic straws are no longer being offered in restaurants in California as a wildlife protection measure. Each step humans take in the direction can’t come soon enough. We have been using plastic grocery bags as we reuse them to bag our garbage. I’m not sure what to use for garbage if not plastic.

  • Judith Wash

    I think that’s just horrific. People are so self serving.

  • Ryan Gates

    Pretty lousy how far we’ve declined environmentally. I expect this unfortunately to get much worse before it improves. Let’s hope we can wake up before it is far too late.

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    Very sad

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    Good read

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    Very sad

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    Sad stuff

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    Actually, i knew this was gonna happen.

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    D bye fg

  • Jillian Tipton

    The fact that things like this are happening and we as a planet let alone a country arent doing all we can is do dissapointing. Our children are going to be left with so many mistakes to correct

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  • Theresa Ross

    Wow! This problem needs to be addressed. We, humans, need to pay attention more to a solution.

  • Vanessa Stardust

    You’re all actually stupid. That’s a sculpture of a whale made out of garbage by an artist. LUL

  • Springfield

    So, the photo was doctored for dramatic effects, how’s that going to convince people this is a real problem?

  • piya

    good site earn

  • Alanzzz

    First step in change is doing what you can to make a difference

  • Tracey

    I was so so sad and really honestly I was shocked to discover this and to see a picture of that poor well I am going to be raising my own bags when I go to the grocery store reusable

  • Sierra

    Just aweful. .

  • Helen

    As caretakers of this world for future generations, we really need to learn to do a better job.

  • Debbie Godlien

    So sad

  • Debi Bourgeois

    This makes me totally ashamed of the human race. Will we ever change? If we don’t, I feel the Earth will somehow treat us as an infection and terminate us all. Basically that’s what we have become, an infection, it’s really sad.

  • Debbi B

    We are a DISGUSTING species…We destroy everything we touch…We even litter in space!

  • Jon

    Paper or plastic?…

  • JoAnn Ward

    I think the whole world needs to do its part in the clean up and prevention of waste in the water systems.
    When I go to a beach, looking for sea glass, I try to remove dangerous items from the beach so they won’t float out in the water again.

  • Valerie Morton

    It is awful that man is killing the animals & earth so when the earth can no longer take it and gives in dies what happens then? Are we not killing ourselves? Sad

  • Jennifer Wright

    This is horrible

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  • Mgps

    Ban the use of plastic bags everywhere, bring your own cloth bags. RECYCLE! DON’T LITTER!

  • Cyriane Pierre

    That’s crazy how human being could be stupid. Too bad for the whale and other animals.

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  • Gina

    We have to do better.

  • Tisha Chapman Ayers

    Nice to know

  • Susan scott

    I live in a rural area and pick up lots of trash from fast food restaurants. If fast food places could be regulated to not use plastic bags, spoon,straws etc. it might lower the amount of plastic thrown out

  • LaShonda Alfred

    People need to learn not to litter period.

  • LF Haines

    I was unaware of the severity of our pollution levels and it’s affects on marine life.

  • LOLO

    This is getting out of hand in the or in tired is happening and no one caring bout it

  • Debbie Godlien

    So very sad what we are doing…and what we’re not doing

  • Dee Anne Kirk Barnes

    Great article

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  • Chris M

    I will stop buying plastic bags

  • Emilie Tull

    People needs stop throwing trash in the ocean, live animals live there. They needs start putting trash cans by every ocean or beach

  • Emilie Tull

    People needs stop throwing trash in the ocean, live animlas live there.

    • lynda ouellette

      I think people should be taken more care of what their doing and what their throwing away any where if we dont stop and take a good look at whats going on around us this planet and all the animals and mamals will disappear and eventually it will be us also so clean up your act this is the only world we have and theres no seconds chamces

  • Emilie Tull

    Wishdjxibdhduaobdhdhsiajajajajakakakakakkak a ok do those idk looks ahkwyhh

  • Regenia Young

    Really is sad that our wildlife are not safe in their own environment. We all need to stop and think before we discard anything, it going to be recycled or just put in a landfill where it can be blown away in a tornado or washed away by a flood, where it ends up in our oceans and seas!

  • Latu H Fakaosi

    Sad. Plastic should be banned world wide

  • Lacey Lamb McCarty

    Would love to see more regulations to help prevent this

  • Jay

    The first photo of the whale is not even real. It’s made out of plastic bags to make people realize what they’re doing. Google it.

  • Mike Jones


  • Mary Flanner

    I really hope we continue to look for alternatives but focus on how to clean up what is already there.

  • Elizabeth McClintock

    This is just sad!! I lived right by Monterey. Took my girls to the beach one day and as soon as we got there noticed a huge crowd. A baby whale washed up on shore. They tried to save it but it was too late. It was horrible having to explain to my little ones why this beautiful creature had to die.

  • Kristin Roper

    This is sad come on ppl let’s do something about this

    • hoppp07

      agreed! it’s disgusting in all honesty .

  • Lora Stone

    This is absolutely uncalled for wake up people

  • Carrie

    If we’re done believing everything we see on the internet now, this is an art installation in the Philippines from last year. Pollution is a problem, which is the point of the installation, but the story is false

  • Fay Steele-VanDyke

    Thanks for the enlightening article. I had no idea.

  • Henry Thompson

    It’s crazy ggrjk,brtrnk

  • Kathleen Davis

    I never really gave it any thought but omg… I will now..

  • Inez McLean Nero

    Use of plastic bags should be banned in all states. Our planet is in jeopardy.

  • Lise Corbett

    This so sad …. people just don’t think of the consequences when they do something.

  • Tiphany Irene Vargas Amador

    The main cause is from the people throwing their plastic wastes into the city water in whatever country it said. I am sure that the U.S. has a small impact but nothing like the under developed countries.

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    I m here to collect dia

  • John Hall

    One person spoke of the plastic bags costing us a dime and are thicker which they are that is why I get them for my garage sale and to reuse at whatever markets i shop at.

  • Markell

    I think it may be a good idea to put up pictures of a dead whale and signs at all oceans and beaches and make it be an unlawful thing

  • Tiffany Reed

    This is insane

  • Mystykgodess

    This is very sad! They already get killed by other countries and now we are killing the. I feel as if there should be a biodegradable material that someone could come up with to replace plastic

  • lolo333

    So sad

  • Luis

    That’s said there nice animals

  • Heartbreaking

  • Booper Dooper

    Call of people stop being so mean

  • Carol Sidney

    Now that we are becoming educated about what our plastic trash is doing, let’s get the trash businesses to lobby Congress as well as civic groups.

  • Didi Mason

    Wow people need to be more aware

  • Tess

    Wow very interesting article I never knew this. How messed up

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  • Terry Sutton

    WhT happen to ppl recycling an not throwing it in the ocean

  • Claudette

    God created this earth and humans. But he said that he would bring to ruin those ruining the earth. Unfortunately it is man who is destroying the earth and killing the beautiful creatures God put here for our pleasure. Soon those people will be no more and this earth will be a gorgeous paradise where only people who love and respect the earth and all that lives in it forever.

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    This artículo es muy affect to know

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    Come on people

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    We all need to do our part before it’s too late.

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    How sad. We all need to do our part to keep the earth a clean and healthy place. We can all make a difference with a little effort.

  • Tammi montour

    That’s sad

  • Tina

    Why can’t we push the use of all plastics in for cement production? We really need to look into these kind of innovations and make use of them for the sake of our environment.

  • Maddy Webster

    Smh people need to learn to keep the earth clean

  • Beatriz Freitza


  • Tavia Bloom

    This makes me so sad. I was taught where to put my trash and my children know where trash goes as well. This is just a shame.

  • Ellie

    We should all go back to paper bags

  • linda bland

    So sad to see how our need for convenience is effecting the planet

  • Joyce Johnson

    I cant believe what i just saw. Something has to be done. Ive been see tjey are making bag.(made by plant). Degradeable.

  • Lisa-audrey

    I feel bad, sigh.

  • Denise Wyatt

    Disgusting how inconsiderate people are with trash!

  • Jem


  • Dana Crosley

    Time for change

  • jgirl7000

    How is all this plastic, much of which can be recycled, ending up in our oceans anyway? Maybe that is an issue that needs addressing!

  • Meeshie

    The children of today must be taught to recycle ♻️ and hopefully if we do it around the world this will reduce the plastic being dumped into not only oceans, but lakes, rivers and streams.

  • Ausha James

    Not just plastic bags, it’s garbage in general. We as Humans have to stop polluting our beautiful waters and harming Mother Earth. I just on YouTube how they had to pull a straw out of a turtle’s nose. I’m sure we can find a solution to throwing away less waste then to making more of it.

  • adele

    This is just sad.. I could stand people who throw stuff in the ocean or outside on the ground.. it’s sick and kills animals all the time.. grow up people and throw trash where it goes save our animals and our earth..

  • Tonnya Etheredge Dumas

    We need to be more self conscious of how we treat the earth.

  • Meeshie

    Each country needs to be involved in creating a solution to this problem, like fining anyone caught throwing plastic in ocean, lakes, streams etc. Creating a fleet of ships, boats etc. to do the same job garbage men do on land only this will be on water and with the taxes each country collects off of plastic bags, bottles etc. can pay the wages of the people who are cleaning up the mess of
    plastic that we created.

  • Stephanie Suttmoeller

    Something needs to be done.

  • Frances

    Extremely sad !

  • Anita Barron

    I think we should take care of this world by cleaning up after ourselves,throw away your garbage it not only affects the animals but it affects us too,the world and the oceans are beautiful let’s keep it that way for our future families and friends, furry,not furry, wings and none we are all responsible so let’s get out there and do something about it so ocean creachers and other animals don’t get hurt or die

  • N Devine

    It’s wonderful for everyone to want to clean up the oceans, But we must remember how many years it took to destroy & that cleaning it will not just happen over night!!!! It will take a long time and a very long up hill battle to succeed.

  • Tamara Torres-Winkelman

    This is so sad and appalling! Unfortunately, I can’t say that I am blameless when it comes to recycling as much as I probably could. The story has changed the way that I will recycle and use plastics from now on now. Thank you for sharing this story. It has opened my eyes.

  • Ashley Walters

    All plastic should be banned

  • Vikki Winston Lang

    Wake up people we are destroying nature…

  • Kari Watts

    We throw away things we should already have changed so the earth won’t be ruined by our civilization. Then we hang on to things that we should throw away . Idiots. I’m sorry earth. You have my permission to heave us all off of you and splatter us into the sun.

  • jjulia

    Until the love of money from greedy corporations and our government is addressed and resolvedl they will not stop making / selling plastic & other deadly items such as styroform, etc. They do not care about anything but theirbank accounts. Our veterans, our children, our elderly, our sick & disabled people….. no one matters to them. If they don’t care about people…. our precious wildlife has no chance.

  • Deb Lee

    Big start – dispose of trash correctly.

  • Mark

    Very sad

  • Lynn

    Sad and frustrating!

  • Angela Holt


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  • Barbara Grant

    Very true

  • Jamie Glover

    Poorv hles

  • Arqunita Nene Marbury

    Wow..how mind blowing to see the effect of the careless action of ungrateful humans

  • Gerri

    So said what we are doing to these creatures and so many others. Irritating that humans are to lazy to use a trash can

  • Trish

    This is just shocking! How could this have ever happened. Don’t people think about where that stuff is going. Bring your garbage home with you,a,d dispose of properly!

  • Swany Soup

    This is very saddening.

  • Marie Boggess

    That is so sad……

  • Audra Chelise Marie

    Thats so sad. We all need to do our part with helping to clean up the polluted areas.

  • Leigha


  • Cordelia Daniels

    OMG…this is so sad and horrific. There was a time many years ago when we didn’t use plastic bags, bottles, or containers. We did fine without them then and I believe we can do fine without them again. I say ban the use of plastics and save our environment.

  • Sarella


  • Sarella

    It starts not only with immediate change and committment, but education as well. Teach your children respect for the environment. Lead by example. Every little bit counts….we all need to do alot better…we all CAN do a lot better.

  • Tina Lampkin

    Tragic and disgusting that we as humams lack compassion for other living creatures. This is not our planet to destroy but our responsibility to care for it. We can do and be better!

  • Kelsey Storer

    That whale is fake. It’s literally paper machete. Just Google search Whale Art project Greenpeace. Not even in Spain like the article says…Don’t believe everything you see.

    • Kelsey Storer

      Like… Everything about the autopsy, washing up on shore, obviously all fake. As if a whale would just wash up on shore and spill all of the trash out of its mouth..

  • Ohio Mom

    This is sad & should be addressed now.

  • Tina M Bender

    I think plastic is a serious problem.

  • Jon


  • Lizzy

    That is ridiculous… Just sad!

  • Sharon Starnes

    It’s absolutely horrific the way the magnificent beasts are treated. Truly appalling

  • Cynthia Lowery

    We kill more things for our convenience. I,m guilty too but I am working on my footprint and sustainability. Go luck to all of us.

  • Jose Herculano Melo


  • Kells

    I don’t know what people don’t understand about the use of plastic is completely unnecessary

  • Youssef

    Thay should clean it vary fast

  • Darrell

    it’s just very sad

  • Jose Herculano Melo

    Sad story

  • Cliff Jolliff

    How awful! I had no idea this was going on.

  • Jennifer Isaac

    Absolutely heartbreaking, we all need to do our part.

  • Bill Lambirth

    With all the BS in this world it’s hard to believe we haven’t destroyed everything! I think it’s just a matter of time before mankind allows this to happen! Thank GOD for His patience!!! Are we really the smartest?????? God Bless is all!!! How can we all be sooooo cruel to this world and everything in it???

  • Darla Creighbaum

    This is so sad

  • Heather


  • Shaanan Day

    All coastal cities should get those water wheel trash collector!!! Help our planets animals survive!

  • Darla Creighbaum

    This is so sad

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    About the poor whale it’s so easy to put recycle in the recycle receptricle. Am I right?

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    It’s a real shame that people don’t have enough respect for other people and animals to put their trash in a trash can, a sack or anywhere else that isn’t on the ground, in the Oceans, in lakes, in ponds or elsewhere. PLEASE HAVE ENOUGH RESPECT FOR THE PLANET THAT YOU LIVE ON!!!!!

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    I think all of the plastic products should be banned nation wide. They are so dangerous for our marine life.

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    Very sad though bit theres nothing the average person can do im not made of money I can’t fund a billion dollar clean up rich people dont care about stuff lile this it’s a shame

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      Yeah it’s not even real. It’s a paper machete replica made my Greenpeace. This whole article is fake.

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    Makes you really think, and I thought I was doing my part by recycling weekly, and using my store bags for my bathroom garbage and litter

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    People should really watch out for what they are doing they are killing nature

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    You have to get people to care about the Earth again give them information about ocean creatures. there used to be an old commercial of an Indian standing by the Riverside with one tear in his eye looking at the pollution going down the river which was once a beautiful and was now getting destroyed. Everyday there are new diseases discovered and it takes a while to find out what caused it. After the sea creatures are destroyed who knows what else will be destroyed maybe us, do we really want to take that chance?

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    I think we as a whole need to recycle more. What is our earth becoming . pollution not only kills and harms animals but us humans too

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    This is upsetting and cruel! We can do better.

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    It would be amazing to have all plastic biodegradable by 2030, although this is something we should have done years ago, I guess better late then never.

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    Plastic isn’t the only problem! It’s the people who throw trash into our waterways! Huge fines and mandatory jail sentence should be put in place to help deal with this issue!!

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    I would like to know businesses are doing this to our waters and affecting the water life.

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    This is so sad.. I just hate to see any animal or reptile, mammal our earth is what it is because we are meant to live together.. The lions, the giraffes that are shot is ridiculous … And recycling is something easy you just have to have a heart! Sad!

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    What a waste to our nature. Why are pladtivs being dumped in the ocean to begin with and why are the nations allowing it?

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    I feel like a total scum for not using reusable containers. I never realized that the problem was this bad. Of course, we can all do our part and the next tsunami will toss a ton+ back in the water we are trying to get clean.

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    We were on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean and saw massive trash pools …disgusting….i was taught as a child not to throw trash, gum, anything on the ground, let alone in our seas and oceans…

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    Whoever wrote this article needs to take a few writing courses. Poor grammar and sentence structure does not enhance the credibility of a “journalist” when discussing a serious situation. If a person can’t take the time to spell correctly or construct sentences that make sense, why should I believe they have taken the time to research their chosen subject matter!

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    Recycling last 45 years but only 10 to 15 % of recyclables are gathered and processed I have heard. Humanity can do MUCH better. We belong to the earth. The earth does not belong to us.

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    I think there should be stricter laws and punishment for anyone caught dumping plastics in any of the water sources. When the whales and other animals die from this there wont be anything left

  • Deborah Yersel

    While this definitely appears photoshopped, the issue is real. Biodegradable only makes sense.
    Plastic is made from petroleum. Save the petroleum for medical purposes.

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    It saddens me to think that my grandchildren wont grow up knowing the magnificence of the oceans creatures .

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    I’m glad there are new machines being made to collect the trash in the ocean because this is sad. Ocean dies… We die.

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    We really do have to start to do a better job at this before it’s too late. We have started talk in our city in regards to phasing out plastic bag usage. We have just started carrying some cloth bags whenever we think we may need them. I truly think most people don’t mind doing simple tasks like this if it’s helping to save our oceans.

  • websmith

    Sounds like fake news to me and no one referenced is qualified to determine the cause of death. I have been around whales a lot in the ocean and only seen them avoid things like plastic and wood. This is bullshit to get your heart to bleed.

  • Angela Olarte

    This is so sad. I always bring my own bags when I go grocery shopping.

  • Kri Stine

    I’m disgusted and overcome with sorrow at the same time. I can only imagine how many preventable deaths have occurred due to our own carelessness/laziness. The majority of the people in this world right now don’t care about anything but themselves. That is going to kill us all… By destroying our only home.

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    THis is absolutely appalling. I am ashamed to be part of the human race with actions like this.

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    Get it together people.

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    It’s so sad how we human create this horrible things

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    So sad. I worry for our children’s children. Love the ocean why would anyone use this as waste products of anything that would harm any living life. Upset with this world because more should care

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    And this is true so for all of you that say, “Yah, sure, this is fake.” And roll there eyes, think again.

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    It is so sad that mankind is so thoughtless that it just throws its trash willy nilly and place other species lives in danger. Everyone should be responsible and dispose of their trash properly. Also we should cut down on the amount of plastic used.

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    This is disturbing and heart breaking. Please recycle, use refillable water bottles and fabric grocery bags. Making small changes can make a big impact if EVERYONE did it. We are responsible for the death of these beautiful creatures and it has to stop.

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    I am so willing to do everything I can do to help with this horrible plastic disaster.

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  • Me

    Ummm did anyone see this whale is made of plastic to promote the importance for us to save ocean life of our waste. That is not a real whale

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    We think we’re imortal and that our earth will last forever – isn’t this proof enough that this is not the case?

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  • Tiara

    I agree ,our throw -away society is a waste ,things should be made to last for numerous uses and when worn out be recycled! That includes not just plastics but all materials. Instead of running out to get the latest new thing use out the old. Companies obsolete decent usable game systems, computers and so on before most of the people I know can afford to buy them. People need to slow down and appreciate what they have instead of demanding more and more things to stave off boredom or try to one up everyone else!

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