4 Common Health Concerns No One Likes to Talk About

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    Good article another health concern that has become a lot more common is anxiety. That too is a subject most people don’t want to talk about.

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      Keep talking

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    Good to learn about these issues.

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    • Kay Russow

      how TMI? Stigma in society makes people hide things. Infertility yes I’d more personal but everything else should not be discouraged in discussion. Talking leads to getting helpbleads to getting issue(s) resolved.

  • Jess

    Good Read, the only other issue that is a concern not talked about would be anxiety, it’s a big one hopefully next time!

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      Anxiety and mental health in general.

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    All very good points. Nothing to be ashamed about.

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    I would have never guessed I knew depression was one.

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    I figured Stds would be one.

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    Depression should not be taken lightly

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    More people are opening up about these topics these days

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    Wonderful educational article.

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    Ya not easy things to talk about

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    I find this to be very true people also don’t like to talk about mental illness

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    How about mental illness because of the stigma that it is hereditary!

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    Interesting and true that we need to destigmatize these issues.

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    Interesting articles. Unfortunate that we find these topics difficult to discuss.

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    Depression is VERY misunderstood.

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    Isolation from illness adds to insult to injury. I had to find a mental therapist so I wouldn’t punch out arrogant, harmful WHITECOATS.

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    All 4 are very real concerns in society today!

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    People don’t understand severe depression. They say that it’s only as bad as we want it to be. I wish that were true.

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      Large population have no idea the intensity and how debilitating depression is

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    I totally understand because I have hard time talking to others about my problems even my parents .
    STD is everywhere , be care ladies and gentlemen .

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    The sad part of any of it is that many people that suffer anything always feel alone especially depression. Taboo is such an awful thing but yet very real!!

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    This is so true and people should never feel embarrassed, although that’s natural, to talk about what issues they are dealing with.

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    Reducing stigmas surrounding the issues is key to making a safe an open community for discussion.

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    Its all health concerns ..i talk to my dr about everything..if i was to have any of these problems she would know anyway.

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    If you can’t trust your doctor, who can you trust? I’m glad the article encourages talking to your Dr. Kinda surprised about infertility, at this day in age, being on the list.

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  • Depression is rampant and talked about a lot these days.

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    Another taboo topic is impotence. Many men with medical conditions or on certain medications, suffer from ED and they definitely don’t talk about it!

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    STD very scary and it’s so hard to find honest person anymore

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    Found this to be informative and accurate. There is so much stigma people relate to some of these issues. I feel more education touching on these subjects would be beneficial.

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    This article is informative and accurate. I believe education on most issues would benefit many.

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