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10 Things That You Didn’t Know About Christmas.

admin Dec 07, 2015
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Christmas is a holiday that we all love. But there are somethings that we bet you didn’t know about it. Here are 10 things that we bet that you didn’t know about Christmas:


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  • keysha


  • Rick

    Your kids never believed in Santa cuz YOU taught them not to. DON”T blame that on your kids!!!!!! Stupid!!!

  • Debashree Mondal

    No santa claus, no gifts from Santa

  • Dr Fuad


  • Jessica Lyons

    i never knew some of these things

  • mira

    interested to know more

  • Mary Anna Hilden

    Montgomery Ward invented Rudolph…

  • Emy Noury


  • sugiekate

    The picture for mistletoe was actually Holly

  • wanted

    Japanese people traditionally eat at KFC for Christmas dinner

  • cheryl willis

    I had no idea!

  • Notme


  • fred


  • R. Zeke Fread

    very kewl facts

  • pabon

    wow rudolph..

  • Pam

    I really didn’t know that about Jingle bells.

  • souldrace


  • Gabrielle

    20,000 thats a lot of santa claus’s

  • Steve Torres

    frosty is now my favorite!

  • Traci Howard


  • Lynda W.

    This was interesting!

  • jussme33

    when did candy cane come in

  • Deborah Pham

    I’m 59 years old and I believe in Santa.
    Santa can be anywhere and anybody so believe

  • cathy

    loved the information

  • Marleen Redman Loftis

    Cool facts.

  • carlos


  • jaaaa


  • Newbie


  • tea3ali


  • Joan Fisher

    Sure didn’t know that about ol’ Frosty.

  • Rance Branford

    loved it

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