10 Cool Christmas Gifts for Kids Today

10 Cool Christmas Gifts for Kids Today

We live in a very interesting era, and kids are probably already into gadgets and hi-tech toys. So this Christmas, some stuffed animals or cookie boxes might not simply do the trick anymore. Let’s see the ten most popular Christmas gifts for kids these days, sure to please all of them, no matter their age or gender. And since the holidays are coming up fast, it’s time to make a comprehensive list!


  • Tianna

    I loved it

  • Enzo


  • EarthAngel Michelle

    MY children will love ❤️ these gifts

  • Andréa Gagné


  • Randy Wallbridge


  • Maria Dakar Machta


  • lisaroseDisqus


  • Hello Hello

    Gummy bear chair was cool.

  • marion hicks

    Love the sun jar. The gummy chair is nice too

  • Josh Holt

    I music pillow i might have to get me one also lol

  • Josh Holt

    Gummy bacon and music pillow nice!!!

  • Josh Holt

    Imusic pillow

  • Josh Holt


  • Laura

    The sun has and the 3D pen.

  • Angelica Miller

    Loved the 3d pen

  • Jem

    Absolutely love the gummy bear chair. All were very good

  • Faraz Aslam

    Pen live it

  • Howard


  • JewelNurse

    I liked the 3D pen & thingmaker.

  • Helper


  • Emily Devine Goss


  • Kori Lavertue

    Sun jar!

  • Gummy chair!!

    Gummy chair!!

  • Danielle-Nicole Durgin

    Some of these are super cute

  • Nasia Davis

    Toothbrush holder

  • Rick Thompson

    Sun jar!

  • Venita Garcia

    Where can I find a sun jar?? Very cool idea!

  • Josh Holt

    Imusic pillows nice!!!

  • Brandy

    Is it wrong that I want most of these?

  • Kelly Taylor

    Gummie chair for sure

  • Laurie

    They are all good ideas

  • Tamara

    The sun jar and pillow are great ideas.

  • ScrewySongbird

    Definitely the 3D pen.

  • Missy

    Very cool

  • Kelly Gross

    I want the chair and sun jar too

  • Jamie Russell

    The 3D Pen

  • Deatra Devreaux

    The Bluetooth pillow, very interesting

  • Randy Wallbridge

    Gummies rule

  • Tiffani Carlile-Millard

    The Thingmaker I gotta have! How much $$? Why not give costs? Just saying, lol!

  • Ashli Ramirez

    gummy chair is cool

  • Megan Lacey

    I just need diamonds

  • Roxanne Whealy

    The star wars droid ..pretty neat:)

  • Kane Allan


  • Roxanne Whealy

    Love the sun jar 🙂

  • Abigail Nichols

    I love the gummy chair

  • christina clemons

    I’m here for the diamonds!!

  • Carie Welborn-Bair

    Love the SUN JAR and definitely BB8!

  • Dahlia M-k

    The music pillow is a good idea

  • Yvette Holloway

    Love the music pillow!

  • Maureen Mondoux


  • Irene

    The droid!!

  • JoAnn OrtegA

    None. Just here for the coins

  • [email protected]

    Diamonds are a girls best friend!

  • Gigi

    Music pillow love it

  • Lisa Huckaby Northrop

    Love the 3D pen

  • John Boldroff

    Diamonds >=)